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Hydraulic Cylinders

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About this product

The welded hydraulic cylinder can endure extreme temperatures and is built for use in demanding industrial settings such as scrap yards, foundries, and steel mills. These cylinders, which can have various names, including round-body cylinders, welded-cross cylinders, and AG cylinders, are an excellent replacement for heavier and bulkier tie-rod cylinders in mobile settings due to their reduced weight and size

The cylinder body is strengthened by being welded directly to the barrel of the heavy-duty housing, which also removes the need for tie rods. With the custom requirements provided by the clients, each hydraulic cylinder is different and highly productive at workplace.

Custom welded cylinders can help prevent hydraulic leaks and the associated downtime. Powermatics manufactures high-quality, welded hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder parts for various uses and conditions. Based on your specifications, our engineering team will create a high-quality cylinder that is sure to wow.


Technical Features

1. Rod End Clevis – Rod end mounting style available to suit all application

2. Piston Rod – Standard C45/C50. Medium carbon steel, hard chromium plated at least 20 µm thickness. Surface finish, Ra ≤ 0.2 µm (8 Rms); Diameter tolerance      ISO f7.  Yield stress is 340 to 517 N/mm2. Other piston-rod materials and surface treatment are available.

3. Heavy Duty Head Gland – Machined from ductile iron for maximum bearing support and wear resistance. Connection Port – With standard threads.

4. Connection Barrel – Heavy wall steel tubing honed or skived and roller burnished to assure minimum seal friction and wear. ø40mm – ø200mm:Skived and roller-      burnished steel tube (to a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.2 µm). Stress relief annealed after the last cold drawn process. Minimum yield stress is 520 N/mm2 > ø200mm:      Honed steel tube to a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.4 µm. Minimum yield stress is 355N/mm2.

​5. Lock Nut – Self-locking piston nut.

​6. Piston Seal – High pressure piston seal with wear ring provides leak proof operation.

​7. Piston – Designed to assure leak proof and reduced bearing load. Material: ductile iron or steel

​8. Head Gland Seal – O-ring with back-up-ring provides positive sealing between gland and barrel.

​9. Rod Seal – Long life urethane rod seal prevent hydraulic oil leakage.

​10. Rod wiper – Double-lip rod wiper provides dirt protection and wipes rod clean on in-stroke

mp1_female_clevis.pdf mp3_male_clevis.pdf mp5_spherical_bearing.pdf mp8_pin_eye.pdf mp3_front_flange mt4_trunion_mount ordercode_welded_cylinder.pdf