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Hydraulic Press Machines

PHE is the market leader in custom-engineered hydraulic presses rated up to 400 ton capacity. PHE hydraulic presses are used for moulding, colour chart printing, die-casting, laminating, heavy-duty precision metal forming and other high-speed applications.

About this product

A hydraulic press is a mechanical press that uses a hydraulic cylinder to provide pressure. Pascal’s law, which asserts that any change in pressure exerted on a confined fluid will be felt throughout the fluid, is the underlying principle behind the operation of a hydraulic press The hydraulic press contains a pumping piston that applies a modest force to a localized sample region. A bigger surface area on the piston generates a more robust mechanical energy. We provide hydraulic press for various purposes, including the crushing of automobiles, the molding and casting of metal products, and much more. The hydraulic press is ideally suited for use in work of any kind that requires the application of high pressure across a limited and discrete region.

Types of Hydraulic Press We Offer:

We provide Scrap Baling Press, 4-column Press, H-Frame and C-Frame Press. All these presses can be available with the customized capacity to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in these tools.

Crushing the metals

Because of their capacity to exert a greater force than mechanical presses, machine presses, and pneumatic presses, hydraulic presses are among the most common and effective presses available today. Crushing is one of the many possible applications for it. Crushing systems always revolve around a hydraulic press machine. Hydraulic motors exert force on the cylinder fluids at high pressure. When the fluid is applied, the pressure plate rises with such force that it can crush even the most rigid metals.

What do we offer?

Providing the highest quality goods possible is one of our greatest strengths. Here at Power Matics, we strive to produce hydraulic presses that are both adaptable and long-lasting. We are a leading hydraulic press machine producer; among our many offerings is a press machine. It can be customized to your specifications and budget. We tailor the hydraulic press’s form, function, and configuration to the unique needs of each project. Because of their strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance, we use stainless steel to produce hydraulic presses.