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Scissor Lifts

Our scissor lifts are cost-effective and durable, designed to lift heavy loads with ease. Powered by in-house manufactured hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic powerpacks, we ensure optimal performance and high quality in every lift.

Product Overview

Discover the modern solution for efficient loading and unloading with PHE scissor lifts. From single to multi-stage table lifters, our versatile products provide tailored production solutions. Capable of transporting large, heavy items that are challenging to move manually or with other types of lifting equipment, our scissor lifts are engineered to elevate your operational efficiency.

As a licensed manufacturer that complies with JKKP/DOSH standards, our in-house design and engineering team ensures peace of mind for your operations. Equipped with a comprehensive array of standard features, our scissor lifts are engineered to elevate reliability, durability, and safety standards, facilitating seamless operation in various industrial settings.


Warehousing and Distribution Centers

Our scissor lifts are ideal for transporting goods between different floor levels in warehouses and distribution centers. They also serve as effective docking solutions for loading bays.

Working Platform for Ergonomic and Safety

Scissor lifts are easily adjustable to each operator’s preferred height, making repetitious stacking and loading tasks more ergonomic. This not only boosts productivity but also enhances worker safety and health.

Industrial and Manufacturing​

Improve operating efficiencies by swiftly and safely reaching great heights and lifting heavy items. Perfect for transferring raw materials and finished products between production lines and storage areas.

Material Handling​

Our scissor lifts are ideal for transporting goods between different floor levels in warehouses and distribution centers. They also serve as effective docking solutions for loading bays.

Car Showroom

Effortlessly transfer cars between multiple stories in a showroom, enhancing both functionality and saving in space without constructing ramps.


Our scissor lifts also serve the aviation industry, providing maintenance platforms for aircraft jet engine test cells. This sector has stringent requirements, demanding high technicality and superb quality to ensure safe, smooth, and efficient operations.

What kind of scissor lifts do you need?

The wide selection of scissor lifts guarantees that one may always find a machine that is up to the task. As specialist scissor lift suppliers, we can offer advice immediately if you have any questions about the price of the scissor lift price and need assistance with a challenging project

We are scissor lift suppliers in Malaysia, and you may pick the safest and most efficient lifting table for your business. The machinery’s adaptability, shown clearly by its ability to distinguish between these features, allows it to find applications in several contexts

The scissor lift’s paramount worth lies in its ability to expand to a high working height and then fold to a compact size, making it a serious alternative to the standard ladder. The basic scissor lift table are sturdily constructed with a flat steel dual scissor design, external power packs, and an outstanding closed height while still lifting tonnes. Due to its modular design, the lift table’s dimensions may be easily modified to provide a tailored, one-of-a-kind answer

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Elevate Your Operations with PHE Scissor Lifts

Experience the difference with our high-quality, reliable, and safe scissor lifts, designed to meet the demanding needs of various industrial applications. Contact us today to find the perfect lifting solution for your business