Tie Rod Cylinder

Technical Features

  1. Piston Rod – Standard C45/C50 medium carbon steel, hard chromium plated at least 20 µm thickness. Max. surface roughness, Ra ≤ 0.2 µm (8 Rms); diameter tolerance ISO f7. Yield stress is 340 to 517 N/mm2.
  2. Gland Cartridge- Machined from ductile iron for maximum bearing support and wear resistance.
  3. Steel Head And Cap– Bored and grooved to provide concentricity for mating part.
  4. Cylinder Barrel- Heavy wall steel tubing honed or skived and roller burnished to micro finish bore to assure minimum seal friction and wear.
  5. Head End Cushion (optional)– Precision machined design.
  6. Piston – Designed to assure leak proof and reduced bearing load. Material of ductile iron or steel.
  7. Cap End Cushion (optional) – Precision machined to assure effective cushion effect. It is an integrate part of the piston rod.
  8. Tie Rod– Tie rods are make form high tensile steel of minimum yield strength of 700 N/mm2 (100000 psi).
  9. Rod Wiper – Double-lip rod wiper provides dirt protection and wipes rod clean on in-stroke.
  10. Rod Seal - Polyurethane rod seal assures positive sealing and minimise frictional drag.
  11. End Seals - O-ring provides positive sealing between head & barrel.
  12. Piston Seal - High pressure piston seal with Teflon wear ring provides leak proof operation.