Single Scissor Table

Loading At Different Level
Goods reception or loading bay in a split level warehouse can be easily achieved by using a table lift. Optional features such as manual or hydraulic operated flap, ram, safety hand rails etc. can be incorporated to achieve better versatility.

Table Lifter As Work Benches
The table lifter as a work bench is ideal for assembling, cleaning and testing work. It can be combined with a turn table and foot control to achieve better output. With both height control and swiveling, a convenient and effective working position can be obtained.

Portable Table Lifter
Synchronized scissor table lifter consist of two single stage scissors mounted in tandem on a common base frame and having a common table platform. Ideal for assembling, painting and inspection of heavy and large objects

Safety Features
Powermatics Table Lifter is built according to BS EN1570: 1999 standard and complied to the safety regulations. Hose break valves are installed into each hydraulic cylinder to stop sudden lowering in the event of hose break or power failure.

Safety frame is to react instantly if something is pinched or jammed under the table, stopping the movement immediately.

High pressure hoses, pipeline and couplings are designed with wide safety margins.