Scissor Type Elevator

A table lifter composing of cross type arms at the bottom of hatch way is installed. And an elevator cage is placed on the table. The scissor-type arms are of multiple stages according to the elevator stroke. The plan of the hatchway can be made to a minimum when compared with the other types of elevators. As all the load is supported only by the pit bottom, almost no load will be applied to the bulding and walls.

This type requires a pretty great power because the load and the weight of scissor arms must be elevated and lowered. So, the cage elevation speed will become less than 6 meters per minute. One of the most important features of this scissor type elevator is that it can be installed in a ready constructed building. A small space where only the elevator can be accomodated is sucient for installation. Therefore, this elevator has been widely utilized in many pre-constructed factories or structures which were made of light-steel frames. The unique features for PHE scissor typeelevator is it has a dual speed controls - soft start/soft stop.