Dock Levelers

PHE Dock Leveler unique cantilever construction allows Tail Lift of the truck to rest under the platform of the dock leveler during goods loading. The system is mainly designed for tail loading of road vehicles and incorporates automatic return to neutral position, cross traffic up to 12,000kg weight, simple handling, hot galvanizing is a possible option. Our dock leveler is designed in a way that not only minimal maintenance is required, the installation is fast and easy.

PHE Dock Leveler Standard Series are available in 4 sizes.

Dock Leveler accessories and other optional are also available upon request.

  • Low operating pressure which increase reliability
  • Inverted hydraulic cylinder for enhanced performance
  • Automatic parking into cross traffic position when the truck drives off
  • Safety yellow toe guards throughout full operational range of dock leveller and alerting cross traffic forklift
  • Full width, self cleaning and heavy duty tube hinge
  • Heavy duty 12mm chequered front lip, also act as night security barrier when in cross traffic position
  • Safety stop in case of hose burst, or if truck unintentionally drive-off during loading
  • Built-in maintenance prop for maintenance works
  • Overload protection device to protect the hydraulic pump
  • Each dock leveller comes with comprehensive operation & maintenance manual and also a warning sign for safer operation