Multi Stages Scissor Table

Table Lifter As a Goods hoist
In the even if goods have to be lifted to higher areas, different in floor levels can be easily overcome in a factory building by using a multi-stage table lift. Enclosed structure surrounding the lifter is to prevent unauthorized entry to the lifting area during operation. Easily installed and cost effective is the main advantage of using this system especially in a already-constructed building.

Pantograph Type Elevator
The pantograph type elevator are of two to four stages table lifter according to the elevator stroke. One of the most important features of this pantograph type elevator is that it can be installed in an already constructed building. A small space where only the elevator can be accommodated is sufficient for installation. As all load is supported only by the pit bottom, therefore, almost no load will be applied to the building and wall. Collapsible doors with electrical operated interlocks can be installed to prevent unauthorized entry to the lifting area during operation. Therefore, it has been widely utilized in many pre-constructed factories and structures which were made of light steel frame.

Heavy Duty Lifting Platform For Warehouse
Problem in material handling in double storey warehouse can be easily overcome by elevating full loaded fork lift to the next level and descend to ground floor. Additional I-beams and T-rails are installed to lifters with the raising height of above 1.98 meters for stability. A time saving and cost effective way of material handling. The lifter is incorporated with a parking latch to mechanically lock the lifter in raised position for maintenance and additional safety.